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Our Story

Here at Lending Corner we’ve seized upon a few core concepts. The first is we’ve removed one of the most visibly negative aspects of the mortgage process, the high paid, high pressure loan officer. All of our originators are principals in the company working for one unified goal, to provide the best pricing coupled with the highest level of service to be found in the industry. Without the fight for commissions, we can provide a set price model that ensures you receive the best pricing and interest rates available.

Secondly, we emphasize the value of our clients time. The mortgage industry is perpetually evolving with compliance and regulatory changes hitting daily. You need a True Mortgage Professional at the helm of your transaction to ensure the most efficient transaction possible. That is why we require our originators to be experienced in all aspects of a mortgage transaction. Each of them will have vast experience in processing, underwriting and funding to insulate you from any issues that may befall a transaction that most all other loan officers will not foresee. The collective experience and inherent synergy created will ensure a simple and smooth mortgage transaction with the most minimal amount of effort and time invested on your end.

Finally, our process is completely paperless. Embracing all aspects of technology has allowed us to be a conscientious business partner for our community. In the paperwork intensive banking industry we’ve utilized all forms of technology that allow a file to start paperless and end with the homeowners literally signing loan documents in front of a computer! Yes, we can do this.

Let Lending Corner show you how it feels to work with a True Mortgage Professional.

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